This happened to me while playing some other game, maybe A Link Between Worlds, maybe Sticker Star, not sure. I don't think it's a Smash Bros.-exclusive problem, but rather a 3DS manufacturing problem. Easy solution: just superglue it right back on. Worked for me. » 9/14/14 9:25am 9/14/14 9:25am

Interesting theory. It doesn't explain why the US isn't more Rebel-inclined, though you could argue that the US has its own imperialistic tendencies. Also, coming from one such country, I would wager that not many people care or are even aware of the history of former colonies. Maybe it's somehow deeply rooted in… » 9/13/14 3:15pm 9/13/14 3:15pm

I like Japanese-style trailers. They're long and comprised of, essentially, a voice explaining various things to you, telling you things you don't know. Exactly what I want from a trailer. Western trailers are usually just a medley of short snippets that confuse more than inform. » 8/29/14 4:06pm 8/29/14 4:06pm

I'm playing Super Mario 3D World and like many Nintendo games before it, I'm constantly overwhelmed by how tight an experience it is. The way buttons bounce, the way the trees shake, everything. Maybe not trying to be realistic makes it easier for them, but everything is so polished, so well thought-out, so under… » 8/28/14 4:23pm 8/28/14 4:23pm