Apple is pretty notorious for resisting to use standards they didn’t develop. Sure, they use USB on one end, but a proprietary thing on the other. “Oh but it’s better/faster/reversible!” I’m with you, but it’s also proprietary and expensive. Obviously that is what he was referring to. No one in their right mind would… » 4/16/15 8:42am 4/16/15 8:42am

I’m sorry: not being into amiibo rendered me immune to comprehending what all the rage is about. People are pissed because Nintendo isn’t making enough of these? Isn’t that a bigger problem for Nintendo than for you? Doesn’t that make you an entitled jerk? Just wait until it’s available and buy your goddamn figure. » 4/03/15 3:51pm 4/03/15 3:51pm

You mean that sarcastically, right? Just making sure, cause Taylow Swift made in October alone from streams of Shake It Off alone (there are other songs by her) on Spotify alone (there are many other streaming services with supposedly similar payouts) somewhere between 280 and 390 thousand dollars. I love her and this… » 3/30/15 8:08pm 3/30/15 8:08pm